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This has been an interesting day so far, besides the aching pain in my legs for who knows what.. I've been pretty much.. content, which is an improvement of my mood in the last few days.

I almost had no problems in getting up today, which was a great way to start the day. (It's very, very difficult for me to get up) Also, I received my math scores; I almost had a perfect score so the day was definitely improving. When I came back home, I found my dad, and that is.. good I guess, I kind of missed him.

In the afternoon, I went to see "The DaVinci Code" it was ok I guess, there were some parts that got me a little confused since I haven't read the book, but overall it was an okay movie.

And now here I am, writing in my journal ...and now here I stand, lost in a memory.. man, I haven't hear that song in ages *looks in pc* it seems this may took a while..

I need new icons.
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Like someone said one day before, the answer is in the wind.


I thought I would have to wait longer, but thankfully no. I watched it and went to bed like.. one in the morning. It was more difficult to wake up than usual but it was oh so worth it.

I downloaded the movie the day it got leaked but it's not the same as to have it in your hand. Plus it has some other cool stuff (most of it I have already watched it.. didn't understand it of course since it was in Japanese :P) and the quality!! oh god the quality it was more prettyful than I remember, the details, the lightning, the music.. everything, it was a wonderful experience.

The movie's plot is not that deep, and perhaps that's the only fault in this movie. (though the fanboys would say it's flawless.. I don't believe so) there were some parts in the animation that looked weird and in my opinion the translation could have been better, but that is all. As for the dub, I don't really want to criticize it since is not even in my mother language, but overall I think it was nice. Rufus's voice actor made me wince at times but perhaps it's because I'm so attached to Roy his Japanese voice.

As for other things.. on Wednesday I went to watch my ex-classmate's play. "The little red riding hood" she was very good at performing and her friends were very nice. The play was a kind of rehearsal thing, the "official" thing will be this wednesday, I'll go see her again.

I think that's it for now, I have been kinda busy lately with life and stuff. So if you read this, please know that miss_cora I miss you girl :(.

Forgot to add, I'm currently playing FF9 and I'm in love with Zidane.. he's soo freaking cute!! love love love. I usually fall for the silent types but lately I am liking the bouncy-optimistic type.. it's kind of refreshing.
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Sephiroth by merodi

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I'm sooooooooo soooo happy!

I've finally gotten my scores, and even though I knew that I have passed all of my subjects I didn't imagine I would get perfect scores! well.. I had one perfect score, but the other ones are pretty close ;)

This is surely a great bust to my not-so-high self-esteem, I'm overflowing with happiness and self love!!
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Yes! Finally I'm on vagaciones! Granted.. it's only a month but it's better than nothing. I haven't been on vacations since last December (and that was less than a month) and a couple of weeks this year, so I'm really happy that finals and the assignments are finally over.

Gah, I can't sleep.. and it sucks so much, it makes me think in stuff I don't really want to think about :(.
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Man I'm bored.

I originally had a lot to say.. but now nothing comes to mind. So much has happened since the last time I posted, that I'm kinda forgetting about it.

Instead I will talk about fandom: This week is the release of Bleach chapter 200! yay for Kubo. I wonder if there will be some special page or something.. I don't remember if that was the case for chapter 100.

Lately I've been watching a lot of Digimon episodes, I'm getting all the raws and already have the fansubbed version.. watching them makes me very nostalgic, since thanks to Digimon I met a lot of friends that are very dear to me till this date. Some have left, but I'm grateful for the ones who still stay.

Tomorrow I have a partial at College, I'm not sure how good my score will be in the 'prove test' since I haven't been to class for all that crap that has been happening in my life, but I hope that at least I'll have a decent score, since I failed another subject last month.. and I don't want to fail this too.

After that I'll be visiting a friend in another College, he's going to 'gift' me Samurai Champloo as he said. I always wanted to see that series, but it got licensed in the US :P (And I believe in Latino America too.. oops) but anyway, hopefully by the afternoon I'll be feeling some samurai lovin'.

Oh yes, like half the internet I also watched Advent Children when it was leaked (I'm gonna order the DVD when it comes out) and I liked it pretty much, a lot of nostalgia and all that jazz. I thought the plot was somewhat loose.. but well, mostly the movie was a big fanservice and I think most of fans are happy with that :P.

Oh yeah, I downloaded a lot of Digimon music, if anyone who stumbles here is looking for a song, check my list. If you want something, just contact me ^^.
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How I've missed Narita Ken's voice!

Today looking through my unfinished oekaki images I found a line-art of Kagome.. I had nothing to do so I colored it.

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Also I was watching the Movie 4 of Inuyasha "Fire in the Mystic Island", even though the storyline isn't that interesting to me... the art is GORGEOUS, it's seems more like the anime than the previous movies.. I already knew that the art would be different for this movie but it's just stunning.. for Inuyasha I mean. I think I like it better that the Ikeda episodes, it would have rocked to have used this animation for the Movie 3 though. ~le sigh. (btw Sesshoumaru looks even more gorgeous, I don't know how can that be possible!!! oh and Jaken & Rin ROCKS)

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The rabid Sess fangirl in me is rabid happy once again. No Sess in manga, (even if it sucks), no Sess in anime was taking it's troll on me. Besides Bleach was entertaining me a little to much damn Kubo! so no problem there, but now there will be lots of sess fangirling in this journal.. like there wasn't before, well sess fangirling anyway.
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So yeah, feeling your lungs being crushed is not something pleasant to wake up to.

This week has been extremely unpleasant for me, the medicines I'm taking makes me feel like crap. I feel like I can't breathe when I wake up in the morning, it sucks so much.. stupid diseases!

This was my last week of classes, I'll begin the other semester in July 25th.. so little time, and I wanted to do so much, but between being sick and worried sick about my scores I don't think I'll get anything done. I wanted to learn to drive and work on my site a little... but meh, seems like it will have to be postponed.

In other more important things: (miss_cora, this cut is off limits for you)

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Wow, to think that I didn't want to write.. anyway.

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maybe this will be the day of my downfall

Some people are just so annoying, I wonder if they were born like that or they just have a stick up their asses. I'm inclining for the later.

Oh yeah, was watching Tom Clark shirtless. YUM.

In other news....

I officially had the shittiest week of my life. To.Much.To.Handle And to add:



I believe I may have something serious.



PS: FUCKYOUGUNBOUNDmorelikeFUCKYOUHACKERS I can't even play in peace....

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never felt like the world was vanishing under my feet

I'm not feeling very well.

But that's beside the point.

There was a Anime Festival on Saturday in my College and I attended it. The Inuyasha Movie 3 was shown and I nearly screamed in sessgasm. I mean, Sesshoumaru in big screen is something I never thought I would see.. so I was drooling all the way till the end. There were some games and a Sesshoumaru figure was the prize.. a girl won it. I so wanted to kill her.. but meh, at least I found the store where they sell it, and there's also a little pretty figure of Kikyo, me. wants. her. but there's only so much I can afford.. maybe in two months.

So yeah, I had a great time there.. but now I'm feeling like crap and well, don't really want to talk about it.

Need my daily dose of bleach so.. *goes to soul_society*
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